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Crypto Links was added on 10/1/2017

Omisego (OMG) added on 9/6/2017
Gold & Silver Pages last updated 6/9/2017

I am a one man operation so this web site is not as updated as I would like it.

Many more public charts are posted at Twitter @Compwiz4u
You can go there to see my track record in the Media Section.

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This is a site based on Alan Andrews' Pitch Fork technique whereby, when properly applied, results in an 80% accuracy rate.

I am striving for that rate primarily in the Gold & Silver arena as they are beginning a major bull market.

This first chart 3-Year Chart is from Feb 2017 & the one below it
 is current as of June 9 2017.

Topics Coming Later

  •  Dollar

  •  Stocks

  •  Monetary System

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